I can provide the full scripts of the plays I have written for those who are interested in reading, performing and thinking. Please contact me at hannahglilly@gmail.com for them.

The Waiting Symphony: How long can you wait for someone? Nepal's mystical appeal can only hold the interest of one for so long before they can't wait any longer. And they chop onions and cry.

Careless Hands: Coffee and cigarettes make their appearance. Alice does the crossword and Pattern smokes. And they talk.

The Rulebook (click on the title for a link to the video): In an alternate world, how can relationships last? By the rulebook.

Savagery: In an abstract world where we can't go outside because we can't face the consequences of our actions, what do we do? Talk, smoke and accuse.

Burn: How does a family cope when a loved one cannot remember.

My Deltoids Hurt in the Morning: Bruises on one's arms after a long night generally aren't a good sign. In a surreal short, see Grace and Frank effect one another.

A.B.L.E. Bodies: What happens when a doctor orates, a girl slowly dances and another spreads her legs and mouth all for the sake of body language? American Body Language Experience is based on the writings of Julius Fast and texts about the fascinating science of body language.

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