The summer time in Nepal is an enigma to me. Each time right before the monsoon starts I have left to head back to the wonderful American summer.

Today was officially the first week day of my summer vacation. It was a beautiful day filled with rainy sleep, black coffees, swimming and a two hour nap. I bought vegetables and my hands smelled of coriander and basil and laundry soap.

I will miss many things in America this summer but I intend to fully enjoy my possibly final time living in such a big apartment alone, working on
True West with a group of amazing actors, writing, swimming, cooking with the most colorful and beautiful of ingredients, hang out with my Dad and enjoy my time with myself.

This time in Nepal has changed me immensely and the pleasures I appreciate now are nothing like the pleasures I appreciated before. I am sure going back to America will change my palate yet again for certain things, but it cannot change my soul that has been fully changed and improved and deepened.

I hope this summer will be a rich one filled with new experiences.