Anywhere in the world summer has a beautiful, fresh and vibrant quality.
Here in Nepal the summers are hot and fragrant, intermixed with cooling downpours.
Summer makes everyone smile, makes everyone want to sit outside with a beer in the backyard.
This will be one of the only summers that I will be missing the majority of in the USA and I already know the things I'm going to miss:
    -Being in a car with the windows down listening to some tunes
    -Sitting with my mom in the backyard playing Canasta and having
     a cheese plate
    -Riding on the bike trail in Milwaukee
    -Being at the 4176 with everyone having too many laughs
    -Big family gatherings
    -Trips to the library and book reading in the sunshine
    -Washing machines
    -Phone calls/ texts to old friends
    -The Red Hot American summer
I will miss it all! But I will be able to enjoy one final Nepali summer with theatre, monsoons, friends and pool swimming. Despite this, I will be missing the fast cars and freedom of the ole US of A.