It would have been smart to do this when I first moved to Nepal amidst the smells and the sounds and the newness of it all. But unfortunately time has slipped away into hand-written journals, love, laughter and just existing. It is an equally exciting time though. Just as I was new to Nepal in early 2009, I will renew my American roots.

Moving back to America has been a difficult decision but an exhilarating one. Living abroad since 2008 (Obama's whole presidential term) I feel as if I have lost touch with the Western world. I wash my clothes in the bathtub, I grind my own garlic paste, I live half of the time with no electricity. And these things are beautiful. Living in the present, living for the exact moment you are existing in- feeling the breeze through your hair, the sun on your face and the smiles of strangers is enough to make me blessed and happy to be alive.

I am also wondering how my old friends and family will react to me now. I have mellowed, I have grown, I have changed and my priorities have changed. I have become myself. I have much less concern for people that don't matter and much more concern for the people that do. I am excited for the is new beginning and I am looking forward to rediscovering my country again, to rediscovering the American side of myself and rediscovering friends and family.

This is just the beginning.